About us

There's a lot to be curious about, but sometimes it's hard to find information that's both accurate and interesting. Here at Nova our goal is to fill that need by providing jargon-free, accessible information covering the breadth of scientific disciplines. It's managed by the Australian Academy of Science, and was established in 1997 as one of the first science communication websites in Australia.

Thanks to the generous support of Telstra, we've transformed Nova into a new dynamic and interactive site that explores topical science. Alongside our written content we have a much richer supply of photos, infographics, videos, animations, interactive elements, and anything else we can think of to communicate. Because we're the Academy, we have access to Australia's best scientists to review topics in their field. Of course, as the science changes and new discoveries are made, we will do our best to update our content to reflect the latest knowledge.

This website is the heart of Nova, but we'd love to keep in touch on social media too. We're on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

If you're interested in science education for school students, make sure to visit the Academy's Primary Connections and Science by Doing programs.